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Originally Posted by AlexofThundera View Post
Yeah and the other exclusives will most likely be OS related stuff by Mezco and company as already said. Only something from Bandai would equal good news for the NS. It's only Monday though so we'll see.
Between the bedsheets, the DS game, the new licensed toys abroad, the voice actor comment about still recording dialogue, and much more. I think you can safely assume there is a lot of silver linings for the NS. There'd be no point in all that merchandising if the new show wasn't going to air. Since CN seems to have pulled the reruns for now, either it's moving networks or they are waiting until the next batch is ready and planning a catch up marathon or rerun timefram before the new set of eps.

SDCC should be where we'll hear about this though along with whatever new items might be coming our way at retail. SDCC is all about the fans afterall.
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