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Hey every one,
I recieved some figures today that I purchased off ebay that came from China. I noticed these figures for the first time on this forum in Booshman's collection. They are very obviously production figures and have their own serial numbers and slightly different molds.

I noticed that my Tygra figure is different than his. Mine has a Wave 1 style head. I also noticed that the mold used for the ThunderRacer Lion-o and Tygra have "CE" painted on there backsides(my regular racer Lion-o does not, but is supposed to) and the Translucient figures have a different Torso mold along with the Limbs. They have "CE" Molded and raised on their backsides(it's hard to see in the pics, but it's there).

I believe that These figures were intended for release, but did not make it or were changed to the standard racer figures instead, or were supposed to be a part of another type of vehicle, playset, or deluxe figure release. These figures have a new Torso mold, different color sparkle filled plastic limbs, different paint apps, and a new serial number.

Any who, here are some pics. Let me know what you think of these possible prototype/cancelled figures.

Notice that all three of these figures have the exact same serial number.

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