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IMHO no "new" Thundercats stuff, be it a cartoon, CGI, or live action movie will ever capture the magic of the original. That is not to say I am not open to new stuff, I am (I liked some of the Wild Storm comics).

Again IMO the best thing WB could do would be to digitally restore the OS series, release it on Blu Ray at a fair price, and release a classics toy line in conjunction with it that includes both fan favorite characters (Lion-O) as well as unreleased characters (Mandora) much like Mattel has done with MOTU. Not a toy line for stores but an online thing like Matty Collector. I believe the majority of Thundercats fans would enjoy this and would make Thundercats a profitable license again. From there they could start thinking about future projects.

With the demise of the new series and toy line however, who knows if they would even consider something like this. I know me personally I would rather have a property I own making me money as opposed to not.
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