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Originally Posted by AdamofEternia View Post
i was on the cartoon network thundercat forum where mostly kids and fans talk about the show. one thread was about favorite thundercat character, and after reading over twenty something pages of it, i noticed that the only characters favored by kids were tygra and cheetara especially. liono was barely mentioned. the part that really gets me is how most of the kids would talk about how tygra was so strong, cool, and how he has a girlfriend. i understand that some characters from a cartoon series would have their own fan base but man, if the main hero doesn't isn't heavily favored, that means the people behind the show a'int doing something right.
This is blatant favoritism in this show.

DN and MM flat out said so at Tcon.

I don't think they cared. They wanted to make Tygra the star from the get go.
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