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Originally Posted by THUNDER JEDI View Post
I think that some retailers ordered the 1st case assortment of wave 2 deluxe figures that included the Mumm-Ra variant instead of slithe and then just ended up sending them to stores like Ross and Marshals(same with the Tygra 6" case). I think Bandai sold all there stock of Slithe figure cases to e-tailers, because retailers didn't stock the 1st case assortments and didn't order a revised case with the same figures in it. If these figures show up at Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Max I'll be very suprised. I think the chances of seeing any Slithe or Stormchargers at in any discount stores is slim to none. It will be suprising if we see any newly stocked Thundercats merch. at discount stores at all. Best chance to get a Slithe is ebay. If you really want him, don't pass up the oppurtunity. Waiting for him to show up at discount stores is not a great idea, since none of us really know if he will show up or not.
I know im late, but what is the Mumm-ra variant?
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