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Originally Posted by Big Snarf View Post
I still think tygra would've moved and was waiting for the right moment. The writing was just bad. I would've liked it if went down like this : when attic and kaynar jumper out instead of tygra going down there he stayed up on the hill and use his sniper rifle and cheetara runs in and pulls lion-o out of trouble the captured lizards see the cats still helped them and escape in the confusion. Slithe atticus and kaynar retreat and tygra says hey lion-o I saved your tail again. You know that was the usual pattern before

I always was of the mindset that Tygra could have just tricked Kaynar into cutting his whip or Lion-O could have done a slight dash and used the Sword to free him. Cheetara could have just dropped straight down right out of Addy's grip or stepped on his foot.

You are correct, the writing WAS just all around bad.
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