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Originally Posted by Singe View Post
Actually both of them got out of hand. Both of them had pent up anger, Lion-O pushed it and Tygra blew up first. Tygra tried to kill Lion-O, but it worked out in the end. Then we come to episode 14 in which Lion-O was willing to sacrifice Tygra, for his no surrender.

Surprising there was no follow up for what happen at the end of 14. Unless the next episode goes into it during the Tygra trial.

I'm going to theorize alternate view of the Cheetara surrender.

Since Lion-O at the moment Cheetara surrendered had his back towards them and focused on Slyde. He didn't know Tygra was beaten, given how Tygra is better fighter than Lion-O. So he thought Kaynar was doing an empty surrender call. Lion-O says don't surrender. Cheetara surrenders because she sees Kaynar wasn't making an empty threat, which surprised Lion-O and left him open to quickly get struck down.

This would be wrong if I got the position of them messed up.

If memory serves, Lion-O does look over his shoulder when Kaynar makes his announcement and sees the two.

One of my issues with that scene is this: Tygra was the pride of Panthro, Grune, and the rest of the military. That was established in ep1.
Going on a general military concept of "know thy enemy" and the fact that Tygra was supposedly such an accomplished student, I find it dubious that Tygra wouldn't be aware that a Jackleman has a GREAT sense of smell.
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