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I don't know if anyone here cares, but right now TRU has a deal with Dark Knight Rises toys... spend at least $25 on DKR toys and get a $10 TRU gift card. I just picked up the Batman Vs Bane 2-pack and I have a $10 gift card in hand. I plan on going back tomorrow and using the gift card to pick up another 2-pack to sell and get another gift card. Just thought I'd give others a heads up. Not sure if it is just the Salem, Oregon store or if it is national, but it's a sweet deal.

They also have all ThunderCats on clearance (good prices) and on top of clearance prices, if you spend $20 or more (I think it was $20) you get a ThunderCats mini-backpack. Wish I had things I still needed to pick up, my kids would love a ThunderCats backpack! My TRU still had Thundertanks, 6" figures, Tower of Omens, a TON of 4" Mumm-ra wave 1 figures, and a few of those funky packs of the really small cartoonish figures.

Had to share =o)
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