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Originally Posted by Mum Star View Post
I think the thing with the 80's villains, especially Mumm-Ra, wasn't that they won at the end of the episode. It's that they would win right up until the end, and even then, you knew they would be back. TOS Mumm-Ra was a persistant bastard. He outright stated several times things like if at first you don't succeed, try again, and tommorow is another day. And it was rare that his faluires really cost him anything. Mumm-Ra always had more evil spells.

Of course there's also what Gargoyles did. The Xanatos Gambit. This is a great way to have the heroes win the episode, but the villian still maintain a threat, and seem competent.
I think you make a very valid point about 80s villains. It wasn't necessarily that Mumm-ra, or any other 80s villain, was truly scary, it's just that the fights were done in such a way that, win or lose, it didn't really affect their 'threat-level'

By having more complex stories in modern cartoons, it also causes us to judge the capability of modern villains, and characters, more harshly.
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