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Originally Posted by Thundercat77 View Post
As a 35 year old "old school" Thundercats fan I can say I love the revamping of the characters I fell in love with as a child, and the more "grown up" feel of the series. I think the romance in the series was put in to appeal to the female audience, and for that I applaud the writers...maybe make it a little less cheesy, but interesting. I've read over a lot of these posts so I'm sure a lot of the guys aren't going to agree with the romance fellas must be young.
I do have some issues with character development for Cheetara...I have to agree with everyone else on that. I also have an issue with the new Tygra...he's a jerk more than anything else. Other than that, I can't believe a character who seems as humble as Cheetara would be attracted to that, period. Ugh. Not saying she's perfect, I don't agree with what she did in 13, and I still don't buy her excuse. I think there is still something she's hiding.
I didn't really care for the old Snarf, but this one is just too cute. Lol I love the fact that he doesn't talk in this one I'm disappointed in the sword of Omens...just what exactly makes it so great in this series? It seems like the only thing it does is sight beyond sight and shoot a red beam. Blah. The old sword seemed WAY more better. It seemed to be more a part of Lion-O. More magical. Unstoppable.
I would like to see more episodes with their cycles. We got what? One episode? It also seems like this journey of finding the stones is being drug out too long too. I also have to agree with you guys on the pair ups. Tygra and Pumyra seem more suited for each other. They should flip flop these relationships seriously. Kudos on Panthro and the kids. They are perfect! The season finale is getting closer and i can't help but wonder what this twist is going to be. Hopefully not anything as bad as the end of 13. That pissed me off on so many levels. Writers please stop beating the sh*t out of Lion-O. The story is supposed to be about him becoming the greatest king of all time as prophesied, right??
You just read my mind about this whole series! I am a new fan of the thundercats because of this series and is great to hear an older fan that likes this series just as the original one!
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