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Originally Posted by Singe View Post
The setup for the stones in Thundercats could have been done the same way as Slayers Season 2. It had the group looking for the Clarie Bible. Filler episodes were setup as leads that could take them to the Clarie Bible but would lead to a dead end or some new added bit of info about the Clarie Bible.

I find the Book of Omens as being wasted for coming into play so early in the series. The group could have moved around for a bit going by rumors and info in finding two stones. Then they find the Book of Omens to lead them to the other stones and reveal the real truth. At least if the series followed it this way, most of the early episodes could have been spent building up the group.
Agree, the book of omens was wasted. I thought when lion-o passed the test in legacy, he would go back into the book.
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