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Originally Posted by Joe Moore View Post
The license was just announced, so no clue on where these will be sold. But keep in mind, it's for the Modern Thundercats only.
Good point. I was just thinking that, wherever their current products are available at will most likely be where these will also be available. Looked them up, and the only retail locations that currently stock their products and have a location anywhere near me are TRU and Hottopic. Meaning that assuming places like Walmart and Target don't end-up stocking these, than I'll be hitting up TRU.

As for my original Tcats comment, I was just theorizing that any potential for them to gain the license to do plushes of them could rely on the success of their modern Tcats plushes. Basically some theorizing mixed in with a lot of hope for the future.

Anyways, it should be interesting to see how these turn out. Depending on the detail, availability, and price, a Panthro plush might be worth picking up. Especially if they, unlike Bandai, get his colors right.
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