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Originally Posted by Captn Cracka View Post
guys, it is what it is. its something dan said that we all know is true. the show is on hiatus. thats it. its not cancelled officially, but there are no current plans to move on with the series. The crew has moved on to other projects. Thundercats is currently in limbo and shall remain until Cartoon Network and or Warner Brothers decides what they want to do with the franchise. They probably believe they can make money on the brand but in a different way. It's not cancelled but it is being shelved until they figure out what to do.

My guess is the best that we could hope for and if we rally together behind having a Thundercats Hoo! straight to DVD Movie based on the new series for wrap things up and give hope for one day to be continued.

Getting the straight to DVD movie would 100% be based on a strong support from fans. I do believe that is our most realistic option to hope for.

Thundercats is a brand that the companies can make money on, and that is their main concern. So fans need to get behind the products that are released to show them that they can profit from Thundercats. ( i know it sucks to look at it that way but money is the driving force behind the companies.)
you are in denial. It's ok. they have places that can help you.

Truth is, Thundercats are dead.
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