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Wow!!!!! I think they both look great. I wasn't as much a fan of Snarf before (something looked off), but he looks better in these pics! Cheetara is absolutely beautiful! My Mezco exclusive is arriving at my dad's house today (because Mezco didnt have DC as a shipping option...) and my regular Cheetara arrives tomorrow. I will unfortunately be gone on a trip, so I'm not going to see either one until next week, but your pics help. I noticed that on Mezco's site, regular Cheetara is almost sold out (1 left) and SDCC Cheetara is sold out! I'm hoping this sends a clear message to Mezco that we need more Thundercats!!! They have to do Tygra. Wilykit and Kat need to be a two pack with hover boards...And I'd love to see the mutants too..Maybe one can include Ma-mutt...Lynxo, Bengali and Pumyra would rock too... Well, at the very least, they HAVE to do Tygra!
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