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Originally Posted by Burning Bright View Post
Well, we still have those fans here. I am asking those who would bully them, and those fans themselves to set that behavior aside for just one single thread, that's all.

I am a Tygra fan for a number of reasons. First is that tigers are my favorite form of feline (note the poem-related S/N). Second is the new look for Tygra. My personal opinion is that it is the best re-design of the core cast members. Finally, his personality. He has one now. Admittedly, he's an unlikeable jerk, but it's something. His new personality is something that, when used correctly, can be used to spur people and events forward (emphasis on spur). Going by TVTropes, the new Tygra is a classic example of "The Lancer". He fills this role is a manner extremely reminiscent of Joe the Condor from Gatchaman.

However, I'm still a fan of all the core characters of the new series. Like most others I am highly dissatisfied with how Cheetara has been diminished for most of the 2nd half of the season.

I'm going to set that aside, along with my opinions on anything outside the "What lies Above" two-parter, for this one upcoming thread. That's all I'm asking.

From what I'm reading, "people" is actually everyone, albeit for different reasons. There's no reason for people to not express their frustrations, even in this thread. I would just like it if when people click on that particular discussion thread, they temporarily filter those out in order to discuss that episode.

Other than there, go right ahead, vent your frustrations. It's not like you can actually express them to those who could actually do something about it and they'll take appropriate action.

Does this still seem like an unreasonable request to you?
No, but lot of us are kind of bitter how certain tygra fans treated people on the other forums.
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