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Originally Posted by Burning Bright View Post
I didn't want to name names when I put this up, so that the message isn't killed for its messenger(s), but I have taken note of what your posts are like in the recent discussion threads. You're among those who sticks fairly closely to discussing or arguing about the episode that the thread is about. I don't think it'll take you much effort at all (if any) to do as I've asked.
That’s good to know. But it appears a bit… ominous that you seem to have conducted surveillance on people’s posting tendencies.

And that's it. I've officially killed my neutrality. Any appeal I make in this thread after this post is pretty much rendered impotent.
Then I have succeeded.

Yeah, that's something I was meaning to get to in the episode 25 discussion thread before it got closed down (as you can see, that didn't happen). People were still going on about it there, but it wasn't happening in that episode. For once in a long time she had just as many lines as any of the other TCs (or close enough), except for Lion-O (seems natural since he's mostly going the diplomat/talker route). Additionally, of the lines she had, only 25% were supportive of Tygra, which doesn't seem out of place since they're supposed to be in a relationship.
Firstly, I must congratulate you on going very off topic. See how natural it is? You have done well, my apprentice.

Joking aside, it is true, she did have more to say in this episode than in the last few. But her most striking lines were with/about Tygra. Her response to Tygra challenging Vultaire was disappointing. And then she’s either kissing him or saying something along the lines of “Go, Tygra go!” Enough already, we know they’re a couple. Furthermore, it was annoying that a possible opportunity for Cheetara to regain some of her former "clericness" and undergo any real development was wasted.
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