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Some predictions for this episode:

-The ThunderCats may find some way to lower the City to the ground without destroying it. Avista will become a part of Third Earth.

-Vultaire may lose a little of his superiority complex and reluctantly accept that Cats aren’t so inferior after all.

-Mumm-Ra should take the Tech Stone. Otherwise, he might as well just give up already.

-Lion-O manages to get Pumyra to understand his point of view. She will suddenly remember the lesson about “mercy” she should have learnt back in “Curse of Ratilla” but apparently forgot for some reason.

-If this episode is unexpectedly “dark” and the ally who betrays Lion-O is a Cat, one of the more obvious choices is Pumyra. She could then redeem herself at the last moment by sacrificing herself for the others.

-Cheetara may (hopefully) get a moment to actually be a Cleric.

-We get more TyChee moments; probably Tygra throwing around more corny lines.

-Lion-O and Pumyra kiss in some gloriously clichéd fashion – at which point I just switch off the telly.
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