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Originally Posted by hollowdheart View Post
What happened? Can one of you pm me? I have to work soon and i missed it.
no need to PM considering this is a talkback thread. Basically:

Vultaire tried to drop them from the city after the last episode.
Mumm-Ra attacked.
Vultaire worked with the cats against Mumm-Ra, but then changed his mind in the middle of the fight and shot down Tygra.
Lion-O and Pumyra ran to protect the stone.
Meanwhile Kit and Kat go around the world asking for help.
Mumm-Ra caught up with them. Blasted Pumyra.
Mumm-Ra and Lion-O fought over the tech stone. It dropped. Pumyra got it and threw it to Mumm-Ra declaring her loyalty to him.
Mumm-Ra tells the story of how Pumyra actually died in the attack on Thundera and her anger called to him and he called on the ASOE to bring her back to work for him (no idea why she wouldn't be angry at the person who actually caused her to die...ya know...Mumm-Ra).
The other Cats show up to help Lion-O.
Kit and Kat come back with all the species they've helped in the Forever Bag.
Pumyra gets bitch-slapped by a berbil (I loled).
Mumm-Ra and Pumyra escape.
City falls.
Panthro lands it.
Lion-O is sad. Kit cheers him up by showing him all the animals that came to help them.
The search for the next stone begins.
The End.
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