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Originally Posted by AdamofEternia View Post
i hope i am not the only one who thinks this episode is the best of the series and i really enjoyed it. i never would have thought pumyra and mum-ra are lovers nor did i see her betraying him for mum-ra. it does suck for liono again in the romance department but i'm sure there would be other cats out there in season 2.
Thought is was cool how mummra brought pumyra back from the dead.

There was good stuff.

MJ trying to hard to keep T/C. I thought at the end when lion-o was by himself, it would have been a good opportunity for cheetara to help lion-o, but kit did. That would be a good time for an advisor/cleric to give suppot. After this, this proves to me that all cheetara is tygra's GF.

Lion-o finally remember how to create the arm armour.

I hope MJ is replaced. All I see with the next season is a back and forth L/P thing.
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