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That was a good season finale as it doesn't work as a series finale. I still hope we get a second season. Pumyra's betrayal was something we saw coming and there were clues in the last several episodes from the minute she first saw him back in the Pit, her giving him the Sword of Plundarr, and wanting the Tech Stone thus having the Bird City crash to the ground with lives inside. She is the second Thundercat to betray them and has replaced Grune as I called it. However, it was an interesting backstory and twist of how it was done.
The other betrayal was Voltaire, who shot down Tygra and stood with Mumm-Ra's mutant generals. The sword fight between Lion-O and Mumm-Ra was a good and we now know what the 4th stone is going to do - give Lion-O the Armor of Omens.
I was hoping to see Cheetara cheer up Lion-O, but Wilykit ended up doing it and the twins saved the day. It was great to see the other animal races unite under Lion-O's leadership. This gives us an idea of what a second season would look like. Great season finale.
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