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Who knew Mumm-ra had a taste for the pussycat. Of course all he can shoot out is dust. "Crop Duster"

Since Pumyra was reanimated by Mumm-ra if the same rules would apply like the Ancient Spirits of Evil with Tiger Clan, once the magic is gone she will die. So not much choice but to enjoy second life and serve Mumm-ra.

Why would Pumyra turn on Lion-O? In the flashback the King (Lion-O) left her for dead. Yeah, Lion-O couldn't hear her and all that circumstantial excuses. Still the last thing she sees is him walking away.

Just having Mumm-ra being kissed on his shield by Pumyra. I somehow got a Scott Pilgrim moment.
Mumm-ra: Gideon
Pumyra: Ramona
Lion-O: Scott Pilgrim

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