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If the show is finished, the backup plan is to opt for a movie to finish the series. One stone left, deal with Pumyra and Mumm-ra. Rebuild the Kingdom and Lion-o couples with Wilykit in a number of years.

Tygra: I'm starting to get jealous.
Cheetara: Jealous of what?
Tygra: How quickly you go around hitting on other guys.
*Cheetara smacks Atticus across the face.*
Cheetara: Yeah, I do like hitting on other guys.

Watched it again.

Yeah, she has little choice. Just like the Tiger Clan, if she turns on Mumm-ra the Ancient Spirits will revoke her second life and she'll die.

Well it's official, Lion-O is going Loli next. He tried it with an older woman and failed. He tried it with a reanimated corpse and failed. Now all he has is one girl who always had faith in him, despite the age gap he should just go ahead and just go for the relationship. All of the emotional groundwork is there and he just needs to wait until she's to the age that their laws allows. Otherwise, **** the rules I'm the King. Get over here Wilykit and purr for me.

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