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Originally Posted by Pravus Prime View Post
To really get into, I'd have to seriously derail this thread; I had thought about starting a seperate thread, but figured it's just be seen as hateful posting, but this new series does so little for me, it's sad.

To start with a bit of background, so it's not like I'm some hardcore old school TC fan. With the new series, it had an absolutely fantastic opener, one of the best pilot episodes I'd seen in some time, cartoon or not. Song of the Petalars made me shed some tears. Old Friends gave us the other side of the story in the pilot and some background. Legacy gave us some cheesy bits, but also the new history for Third Earth and an overall story pattern.

And then the series started falling apart. The characters became plot props. The stories become tired, cliche, and worst of all, boring. That last part is a big one, as if it was really terrible, at least then I could point a finger and say, "I don't like that!" as opposed to shrugging and moving on. The fight choreography become flat and uninteresting. The plot holes grew bigger as the characterization shrank. The series story has become clumsy and amateurish with a story that advances at a pace that snails would laugh at.

This series has also comitted one of my cardinal sins of strife based TV in that it hasn't presented a credible villain. Mumm-ra isn't a threat in this series. The characters tells us he is, but he hasn't done anything to show it; in fact, quite the opposite, I wonder why everyone fears this incarnation of the character.

Contrast that with the classic series which was always interesting and presented perhaps the strongest villain of the 80's cartoon bunch. Mumm-ra beat the cats often, had a winning record in combat against Lion-O; even killing him in an episode! He'd trick them, he'd subjugate him, he'd teleport them to limbo. You always got something new or different in an episode. The Forest of Silence, berbils, and much more. Some of it was pretty out there, but at least they tried.

Honestly, this series is not only at the bottom of my list of cartoons that I watch, it's been on life support for quite some time.

Since you mentioned other shows, other cartoons I'm currently watching:
  • Avengers: EMH
  • Young Justice
  • Transformers: Rescue Bots
  • Green Lantern
  • Transformers: Prime

And a light shown down from haven and a voice said "This is friggin awesome!"
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