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Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
The Thundercats FB page just released a synopsis of the next episode.

"When Mumm-Ra unleashes the deadly Sycorax upon them, the Thundercats must turn to an unlikely savior - a snake oil salesman named Ponzi whose potion is the only thing that repels the beast. Ponzi also provides Lion-O some helpful romantic advice as he begins to pursue Pumyra"
this summary is not filling me with confidence. In fact it's more of a 'DO NOT WANT'

Where to start? A snake oil salesman named Ponzi? Really? It's like some writer thought he was being really clever by combining all those references together. Too bad the actual writing won't match up to the any implied humor -_- Also, Lion-O pursuing Pumyra? Let the random pairings begin.
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