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Hello all! I'm new here. I stumbled upon this website after doing some reasearch.

I grew up watching the OS and never really got around to watching the 2011 series.
Anywho, I work at a Grocery Outlet in Oregon when we got in some Thundercats toys. Well it re-ignited my love for thundercats. I bought all the toys and the DVDs of the new series and love it (too bad it's practically cancelled...).

If anyone on the West coast is looking for toys, chec out your local Grocery outlet.
Here's what we got:

4" figures @ $3.99:
Lion-o Wave 2
Mumm-Ra the Ever Living wave 2
Panthro Metal arms Wave two
Wily Kit

6" @ $6.99:
Panthro Mumm-ra

and the Thundertank for $14.99 (although i bought one at TJ Max for $7)

There's multiples of each figure.

In other news, I'm looking for some of the other figures to complete my new obsession hehe. But I'm only looking to do so cheaply.

I'd like to find the 4" Wilykat, Lion-o Wave 1, and Panthro Wave 1. But can't find them anywhere except online for more than I'm willing to spend.

I'd also be stoked to find 6" Tygra and cheetara for cheap. Plus the Classic Lion-o 6" (or is it 8?).

I know I'm like a year late to the party...oh well.

Good Luck!

Oh and seriously no Jaga figure?!?! What the heck?!
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