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Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
The only things I've seen similar to the WS comics are circumstantial similarities. Everyone quotes Tygra and Cheetara being a couple and Dobo as being refrences to the comics, but is there anything else? I mean the couple thing could've came from just their heads. And as for Dobo there's only so many ways you can draw a guy with a doberman head as most dobermans have the exact same fur patterns. Having a dog that's the same species as another dog character isn't enough to say "oh he's a copy of that guy!" Their personalties were different, their clothing was different, and their circumstances were different. When the only thing you have to go on is that their species is the same it's not a copy.

While the T/C pairing could have come from their heads, it is also an equal possibility it came from the comics as well.

Dobo and DoberLord...just because the characters look somewhat different doesn't mean they weren't based off the same overall design. Let's be real; there are more than one way to draw a guy with a dobermans head. Even subtle differences like uncroped ears could have been used to provide a bit more distinction betwen the two. I wouldn't say their personalities were all that different either. Certain circumstances are also similar such as the warrior backgrounds. I'd hardly say different clothing merits different characters. That's kind of like saying a character in a video game ceases to be the same character when an alterante skin is applied.

Not all Dobermans have the same fur pattern. My brother-in-law raises dogs - many of which are dobermans and very few have the exact same fur patterns. Mostly only those of the exact same litter and even then, there are many subtle differences.

I've also read where Pumyra's reaction to Lion-O in "The Pit" was very similar to Cheetara's reaction to Lion-O in the comics. When I went and flipped through the pages and re-watched "The Pit," I've got to say, they were very similar.

In many ways, the way Tygra and Cheetara meet as youths is very similar to how WilyKit and her beau meet in the comics.

It could all be coincidence or perhaps not. Guess it all goes back to perception.

Remember, what you might percieve as circumstantial, others might not.
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