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Originally Posted by AlexofThundera View Post
The issue is, out of those almost 10,000 signatures how many people are supporting Thundercats just for the sake of supporting anything Thundercats related due to their love of the OS, and how many of those signatures are of people fully supporting the new series (watching and buying figures)? I can tell you no where near 10,000 people were buying the figures or things would not be in the state that they are.
If the series had solid ratings it could have probably gotten a second season. You see plenty of big budget shows on CN that have had their toy lines bomb. (Clone Wars is a good example), but because the ratings were good they survived. Lets face it, the numbers were anemic and erratic, and I think a lot of the blame belongs with CN, but one could argue the entire direction of the NS threw people off too. But that is something people can reasonably debate.

Either way, 10K people while impressive needs to be more like 1M people for anything to happen.
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