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Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
Having one couple together and one character that's the same species as another is not "drawing heavily." From that rationale the Drifter was obviously a rip-off of Bugs Bunny and the Petelars copy Swamp Thing.

Frankly there's no reason for them to lie about it. Your example was someone who plagiarized another book. This is a reboot. Warner Brothers owns the rights to all the Thundercats characters including the ones from the comics as WB owns DC. They don't have to lie to protect themselves against plagiarizing because it's the same franchise and their company already owns the characters. If they wanted to use the characters from those comics they could without having to change the name, design, and personalities to do it.

While it might not seem that way to you, it can seem that way to others. Again, I must point out perception.

I'd say the Drifter is more like Usagi Yojimbo and the Petlars more like a Bellossom.

But in all honesty, you really do need to put some more work into your comparrisons. Not trying to start any kind of complaintfest but I've noticed more often than not, you seem to resort to the most extreme and outlandish of choices.

Well, given the poor reception of the comics and the resulting fan fall-out, I can see where the crew and WB would want/need to disavow using it as reference/inspiration/whatever.

I have also seen it posted that many of the TC crew are former DC employees and if that is true, it does lend weight to the thory that the comics are being used. DC employees would at least know of the comic and some of what it contains.
The fact that WB owns ThunderCats as well as DC comics doesn't help dispell the theory either. If anything, it also adds support to the theory.

I think you might have miscomprehended the example used by AI. I could be wrong but what I got from it was that Haley claimed to have never read "The African" and denied using any of it to pen his own story when in actuality, he had and that members of the TC crew have claimed they never read the ThunderCats comics yet what they produce is so similar to the comics, it is difficult to believe they never picked up an issue.
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