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Originally Posted by KaleRylan View Post
I basically agree with you, but I think the point Mum Star is making, which would be kind of accurate, is that Cheetara was eventually explained to be 'helping' and 'watching over' Lion-o. Pumyra, on the other hand, is just being (potentially) romantic. She's not his guardian or anything, so unless she's a spy or something, she presumably has no alterior motives when she smiles at him, or kisses him, or whatever.

That means that if she up and left him she wouldn't have the justification that cheetara did of Lion-o just being confused.
This is where the writing is poor. Pumyra has not really done anything on the level of cheetara. She gave him a kiss for him waving his SoO around.

Let's be honest, cheetara is not lion-o's guardian or protector. Episodes 14 and 15 prove that.
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