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It's kinda sad, but if Pumrya does break Lion-O's heart or die, I can see Tygra popping out and doing the Nelson Muntz "Ha ha!" It just sounds like Tygra has backslid and then some for the last few episodes. I mean, it would have been compleatly different if he had sounded worried.

I know how how Pumrya could get revenge for Lion-O snickering about her face. He gets put in the TOS Lion-O outfit. She comments about the abs window.

I know that everyone's been wondering about Bengalli, but I wonder if we'll ever see Vultureman.

I wish Mumm-Ra would use his shapshifting ability for disgiuses more. One of the biggest bits of damage he's done thus far is when he killed Claudis while disguised as Panthro.
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