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Despite it's removal of articulation, the final production piece is far more cartoon accurate than the prototype. In the photo attached, we can see the differences between the final product (left) and the prototype (right).

The prototype may have more articulation, especially at the knees and ankles, but it has additional detail that was changed/not found on the final (in-show) design. Take note of the spikes sticking up from the feet, the 4 toes (instead of 5), the details at the ankles, the different knee armor, the different forearm armor, and also the different hands with individual knuckle armor. The prototype differs from the final piece so much that it may actually be an entirely different toy, and if not, then the final piece was HEAVILY reworked from the prototype. The changes were most likely made to conform to safety standards, cut costs, and correctly make the toy screen accurate to it's cartoon appearance.

The design of this toy and it's features are similar to the Gild suits from a past Bandai toy line, D.I.C.E.
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