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Panthro is the "talking" mock-up example and came from one of the designers from the line. It's got writing on the back for the word “Button” and is non-sonically welded which means he is plastic and falls apart. He does not have internal posts to mount the battle action mechanisms. It does have a COA as well as that one I got in trade but it sold around 2007 originally.

I have had motu items, 2-up tooling for the “ He-Man” torso I did post it once for sale on, aside from some pieces originally owned by Roger Sweet ( Creator ) there isn’t much I would be interested in. After about 15 years of collecting prototype toys these are probably the last things I’ll collect and had decided to stop collecting if I can help it. I have about 30+ handpainted hardcopies and approx 45 individual items in total for the Thundercats line so chances are I know something about them.

I've had items shown at Star Wars Celebration III in collectors panels and have close relationships with the founder of AFA and have helped with Prototype photography for up and coming collector guides.

For Motu I do have a modern Evil-Lyn Hardcopy if anyone is interested.

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