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Originally Posted by rchrz60 View Post
Silverhawks! Oh man, I'd be in vintage heaven. I still remember my first silverhawk. My oldest brother bought two of them for me for christmas with the money he saved from his first job. That was the first year he started buying gifts for my other brother and I, and it meant so much because we never expected anything. Does anyone know if anyone is rereleasing the silverhawks line? I'd love to see a Classics set of those like the Thundercats Classics.
Don't expect any Silverhawks stuff unless they get featured in the new cartoon, or maybe get their own (unlikely at this very moment)

I really don't see how to "properly" incorporate Silverhawks into the existing show AS IS. BUT, the establishment of interstellar starships in this fiction opens up the possibility of maybe the Tcats going off into space for a while (maybe to "return" the various stolen magic stones?). In that scenario, I think the likelyhood of a Silverhawks appearance increases exponentially.
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