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Here's some pics of my Icon Heroes Lion-O. I haven't yet opened my SDCC version, but it is supposed to be the same but with the retracted sword of omens.

Immediately, I was disappointed. As you can see in photo 5, his scabbard claw came without a claw. With the paint covering the nub, its clear it didn't just break off. No quality control at the factory I gather.

At any rate, its very ordinary and his face as I've earlier mentioned doesn't look like Lion-O. The iconic hair, frame, and outfit do, but the face seems off to me.

The base is nice, heavy, and has grassy detail including a small slithering snake.

He has metal pegs in his feet that slide easily into two holes in the base. Perhaps too easily. He can rock back in forth if touched.

The sword comes separate and slides into a hole in his hand from the post in the sword (pictured). The eye of thundera is replaced with the thundercats logo.

Also, the paint apps on the logo are horrible. I took snapshots of both sides of the sword.

I will do pics of the SDCC version when I get a moment and perhaps this is just an unfortunate one that snuck out of the factory. But with it being number 52 of 1,500, you'd think they'd be watching the first few as they're made.

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