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Thank you! I check out like the first episode of the OS and it was interesting. Funny how Lion-o grows up in the capsule. I wonder how the Thundercats will give him the talk. Kinda sucks how their planet died but they found other cats later. I like the new and old Panthro but I was not born in the golden age of TV cartoons known as the eighties. I was born in '89. :-(

In the new series, Tygra and Lion-o get on my nerves in the new show but they seem to win my heart every episode. Wilykittens are adorable along with Snarf. I love it when Snarf had an "Oh Crap" face in the Tower of Omens. Sadly, my least favorite is Cheetara in the new series. Girls can give encouragement without any physical contact or PDA (Public Display of Affection). I think it's kind of sexist of what the writers portray her as. I hope they don't do the same for Pumyra.
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