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Look, I understand the desire to have hope. I really wanted Transformers Animated to continue, but it didn't. However, this series is over. They don't owe us, they're not going to give us anything more.

The evidence is overwhelming that this series is cancelled.

The toyline is dead, they didn't show or even talk about ThunderCats at any of the big trade shows. The Cartoon wasn't on the fall docket, there's no time slot for the show come fall. The showrunners are working on other series.

The series is dead. That we haven't had an official cancellation is meaningless. Batman Beyond was never officially cancelled; it was put on indefinate hiatus. Furthermore even if it were officially cancelled, there won't be an announcement for some time, to give overseas markets time to catch up on the series and the toyline to sell over there.

I even have a friend from college who was in town and we had lunch together. I won't say where he works, but let's just say he sees the budgets for Cartoon Networks shows. I briefly brought the topic up, and there's no budget and the offices were going to be re-assigned (if they hadn't already at that point) and that there was no ThunderCats anymore. That was well over a month ago.

If you want to hold out hope, do so. However, don't think that there's some massive revival movement going on that we don't know about from CN; they've abandoned the show.
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