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Was at 2 Walmarts this last weekend, and another today. ALL have removed ALL Thundercats. They were not even in with their clearance items. GONE! this means sold off to secondary stores (Ross, TJ MAXX, Marshalls, Big Lots and UK Overseas etc.). This matches what most Target Stores are slowly doing.

Not on shelves=No longer carrying.

Even if another wave does sneak in (The Tygra 6", Deluxe, Role Play etc) as being available, they will not be ordering them.

So, unless we get a second season AND NEW figures, its over as far as retail support. And EVEN IF more shows and figures were made, its now AT LEAST 1 year until we see them (6 months from approval to sales). Out of sight, out of mind. Short of a Direct to DVD wrap up special (and thats pie in the sky wishing)... Its over.

Sad... But I WISH it didn't end. But, it is REALLY over now unless Bandai is just LOVING how they are screwing with our hearts and heads...And Wallets.

I liked the line... I LOVED the show. Maybe Bif Bang POW will get the LJN MOLDS and release Scale/style of the 80's retro. And Mezco keeps up the Bigees, And Icon Does the minis. In other words: TCATS 2011 is a footnote in toys and TV history.

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