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Well... Columbus Area Toys R Us in Dublin has PULLED all the Thundercats items because it was BARE! They have 1 each of the classics, 1 4: Lion-O, 1 6" Lion-O and 1 6" Panthro....THATS ALL!!!! They are supposed to be doing a relocation of the Cats on THURSDAY this week when they have more stock (Truck comes in Wednesday night). Polaris TRU (North Columbus) has said they STILL plan to put them out, but nothing I could see on Saturday. And the East Side Columbus TRU (Groves Road/Hamilton) has just a few 4" and 6" ones left on shelves along with the MEZCO 14" Lion-O.

Meanwhile, The WALMART in Hilliard, Bethel Road and Tuttle Crossing are STILL planning their isle resets and have none in stock (so they say), BUT the Georgesville Road in Columbus (West side) has DONE their reset and even have a tag on a spot for the Tower of Omens @ 39.99... They said they DO have some stock of figures but were told they can not put them out until sometime this week. (?!?!?)

On the K-Mart side of things, Brice Road (East Columbus) DOES still have stock IN BACK (I bought Cheetara from a guy who brought them out to me), and the other locations insist they do NOT have any in, and will not even GO IN BACK to find them, but a manager says he "thinks" the Bethel Road location has them, but MARY in the toy department WONT look for you...I begged, she simply WILL NOT! LOL

Good thing is: THEY ARE SELLING LIKE HOT CAKES!!!! So we will likely get to see some DREAM Figures made in this lines gang! If we get the quantity (and SOME Quality) like Ben 10 over the 2 year run of the show, we are going to have one HUGE toys shelf filled with the Cats!
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