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I don't really think he can really be classified as good or bad. We actually don't know much at all about him. We do know that the Tigers stayed loyal to Mumm-Ra after the revolt. Maybe they didn't believe that he could be defeated so easily, and didn't think he would be trapped for long in his tomb. They did work for Mumm-Ra, as did all the other cats, but they could have felt powerless against him, and chose to work for him rather than be slaves. There's really a lot about that whole situation we don't know about for sure.

If I had to say one or the other, I would say good, but mislead and fearful of Mumm-Ra's wrath. As powerful as old Mummsy was, I can imagine the Tigers thought he could be back in-action at any time, and can't really blame them for not wanting to act against him. We also don't exactly know Tygus's role in all of this. For all we know, he might have even been mislead by his fellow Tigers.
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