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Originally Posted by Joe Moore View Post
At some point, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. After the next two sets, they would need to start scrounging for characters with mass appeal. Sure a few other characters would be a given or cool, but people who just want the main characters will have them all after these next two sets. The sets become less and less appealing and a harder sell. They're already dealing with a double niche market (Thundercats fans who also happen to like Minimates).
Definitely, the sets that are available are the characters with the most mass appeal. Bengali, Lynx-O and Pumyra don't even bring in the "love" that the original cats do. It is just a shame. I was hoping we may see a Lunatak set to finish the whole thing off. It would have been perfect, they could have had Luna as the Mini figure that came with. Unfortunately, Amok probably wouldn't have made the cut. I know the Lunataks aren't huge favorites of Thundercats fans around the world but it would have been nice to FINALLY, see some official Thundercats merchandise of them.
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