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Originally Posted by TIGER007 View Post
SORRY GUYS...but I'm newbie THUNDERCATS FAN and I have no idea about this variant?
Can someone PLEASE post a picture of the 2 and give a brief explanation..

Maybe someone else can provide pictures, but here is the scoop: The 4" Deluxe Grune by Bandai (2011) features Grune with a Mumm-Ra logo on his chest. In a very limited release, Bandai put out a variant with the same figure in the same packaging with the ThunderCats logo on his chest. There is still debate as to whether is was an intentional variant on Bandai's part or if it was a wide-spread production error, but it is cool. So, the Mumm-Ra logo is the "regular" version and the ThunderCats logo is the "variant" version. Hope that clears it up for ya =o)
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