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Originally Posted by stac View Post
Hate him? No. But it is with mounting incredulity that I continue to watch when Tygra starts manifesting various abilities spontaneously. In the last episode, Tygra is naturally good enough to beat a Bird which has lived in the sky all its life. Now looking at the preview clips, Tygra is naturally an expert at aerial warfare.

Lion-O usually has to learn some lesson, or go through his Trials to learn a new something new. But Tygra? Itís all magically in his genes. They are pushing the limits of suspension of disbelief.
I don't disagree with this but you can also add to this the fact that they know to repair a Thundertank or refurbish a Feliner. Things that undoubtedly take years of study to learn. They painted themselves into a corner with the cats anti-tech stance in the beginning. If they knew they were going to introduce these vehicles later on they should have had plans laid out where they could learn how to operate and fix them.
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