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Hi there ... I've built one myself as I won a lot of 5 broken thundertanks on ebay ages ago ..... I stripped everything apart (unscrewed everything) and washed it all with a toothbrush , soapy water and some bicarbonate soda .... I then found a thread on here which may take some searching to find ... But basically someone had photographed the whole net of the pieces when ready to assemble .... I forget the users name now

So out of 5 wrecks I was able to build one complete and perfect Thundertank complete with a box and instructions .... I won't lie to you it was a very fiddly task when it got to the spring parts , especially the tongue part linking to the cannon , that's where I struggled most and nearly threw it out the window on numerous occasions lol .... But on the whole it was a very rewarding experience now that I have a minty boxed Thundertank which I practically built myself .... I wish I had documented the restoration now as I'm sure it would have been a real help to like minded people

Anyway give this forum a damn good search because I know there is a thread somewhere .. It's not great as it only shows the completed layout of parts and their approximate place .. So I largely had to experiment a bit until I found all the right places for everything .., but it was a huge help to me and I made printouts at the time I believe ..
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