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You don't stand a chance
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Ooooh look forward to seeing the cats lair tear down ..... sadly I cannot afford a cats lair lol ..... but you never know ... I may be able to pick up a load of broken ones at some point and make a mongrel of my own again hahaha ...

Oh and good luck with the rear hatch door "ThundertankGTI6" ..... Unfortunately you may have to pay a little over the odds ... because people often list the doors , hatch and treads on ebay ..... but they know you have no other choice if you wanna complete your tank and they happily scalp the crap out of you ..... I got lucky because between all the wrecks I had treads , doors and the hatch .... also the box with instructions and insert was a stroke of luck for me because i found it on an action figure trading forum for dirt cheap .....

Good luck mate..... I did have a spair hatch with my wrecks but it had broken clips so would not have been much use ....... also I reassembled what I could a while ago and sold them off .... but anyways keep your eyes open , you may find a cheap one somewhere ....
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