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Thundercats: Hall of Omens Episode 4 " Badlands of the Jackalmen" SNEAK PREVIEW!!! Featuring the psychotic, Kaynar!


"Jackalman!!!" a voice could be heard yelling from behind a door.

"Get in here"!! The voice continued to yell as the sound of crashing and breaking could be heard coming from the room as well.

The guard in front of the door was a Jackalman. When he heard the voice bellow, he shuttered and took a deep breath, for he was about to head into the lair of Kaynar, the leader of these Jackalmen.

Kaynar, was not made leader because of his battle prowess or for his strategic endeavors. Kaynar simply ripped the leader before him to pieces. His people fear him. They know at any minute he could snap and they would become his target. Many of his followers love him, because he has no rules. If Kaynar decides its time to attack a village, he doesn't care what you do as long as his mission is successful. Kaynar cares nothing about his army. He doesn't even learn their names because he does not care if he never sees them again. Kaynar doesn't plan ahead to keep his army fed or cared for. He doesn't care. He gets what he needs and expects his army to do the same. This causes many of his people to grow closer and closer to Kaynar's mental state, due to dehydration and starvation.

The land now known as the Badlands of the Jackalmen, was not always a desolate wasteland. It was once a thriving savannah until Kaynar and his people made that area the base. The entire landscape quickly changed. Kaynar and his army turned the flourishing area to a land of death and decay. They showed no care for the land or its resources. They drained the land for everything it was worth and have left it a baron desert.

The people of Third Earth very rarely travel through the Badlands because it is known that is Kaynar or the Jackals catch you in their land, you will end up being dinner for a pack of wild carnivores. While these vicious creatures patrol the Badlands in search for their next meal, they know not to speak out of line to Kaynar or to vocalize their hunger. The last jackal that questioned Kaynar's lead and instructed him that his people were hungry had his innards torn from his body and discarded outside of Kaynar's lair. Even though his fellow jackals were horrified by what they had just seen they wasted no time in getting their paws on the scraps of what was left of their fallen comrade.

This is why the Jackal outside of Kaynar's door was not excited to be called into the maniacal madman's lair. Not all return from within those walls.

The Jackalman opened the door and slowly peaked his head in. The room was dark he could not see Kaynar, or much else. He pushed the door open more and exposed the room to light. He immediately heard chains moving and could see Kaynar's pets, Cro and Cuta. They were hyenas. Massive hyenas. These were the largest hyenas on Third Earth. They were as large as any of the big cats on the planet. They were vicious creatures. Both gnawing on bone until they saw the light. They now stood posed to attack growling. But their growls sounded like a maniacal laughter. It sounded this way because that is indeed what it was. Like their master, Kaynar, Cro and Cuta get so excited during a confrontation they can't help but laugh. That is all they can do. They enjoy it. They are just as crazy and vicious as their master so it was easy to see Kaynar's attraction to the psychotic creatures.

The Jackalman nervously looked for Kaynar. He could see Cro and Cuta, staring him down ready to hunt him and the only other thing he could see was Kaynar's throne. Cro and Cuta are found on either side of this monstrosity at all times. It is as if they are always standing guard over the structure.

The path leading to it is outlined in long bones leading to the base of the throne, which was made up of a mound of skulls. The base and back of the giant seat were laid out in bone length wise and tied together at the ends with twine. Along the top of the back of the seat is a row of various creatures’ skulls. Each skull within it had a lit candle. The backside of the seat consists of random bones that are thrown together from his scraps and Cro and Cuta's scrapes. Bones stick out jaggedly all throughout the chair of death. Each armrest has a skull on its end with a lit candle on the inside. From that skull hangs the spine of a fallen enemy on each side.

The Jackalman could see this horrific site and yet could not see Kaynar.

"Sir" the Jackalman questioned.

Across the room, behind the chair, a curtain opened and the Jackalman could hear Kaynar smelling the air. Kaynar then began laughing hysterically. The Jackalman guard stood there not knowing what to do. He was confused by Kaynar's actions and began to fear for himself.

"2 things Jackalman" Kaynar said.

"Send a fleet of Scavengers to the North West to meet our guests", Kaynar instructed.

"Guests?" the Jackalman questioned.

Kaynar began laughing, "HAhAhAH, yes we are having more guests tonight" he exclaimed!

"The maiden is coming with us to great our guests, just in case they don't willingly accept my invitation." Kaynar explained.

"Yes sir, is that all?" the Jackalman asked.

"Oh yea, there is one more thing" Kaynar said.

"NEVER, MAKE ME YELL FOR YOU TWICE!!!!!" Kaynar yelled while he dropped a chain to the ground.

As soon as the Jackalman heard the chain hit the ground, he knew exactly what it was. It was the leash to Cro and Cuta. The Jackalman's eyes opened wide as he heard the blood curdling growls of the hyenas.

Kaynar began laughing hysterically as Cro and Cuta jumped on the Jackalman and knocked him to the ground and began attacking him and digging their teeth into him. Kaynar smelled the air once more amongst his laughing fit and settled himself down enough to say, "...HAhaAH..I..Like...Cats....HAhAHhahAHA"

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