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If it's DVD sales that matter, then I have done my part to save the series - also buying the three 6-inch toys released so far (still waiting for Tygra...)

Originally Posted by Lioconvoy View Post
BB: I'm not sure how bad it was back in Beast Wars' premier, as I didn't have the internet at the time. Though, I hear it was pretty bad. And yes, I'm from the Allspark. Chances are, if you see a "LioConvoy" on-line somewhere, it's me. :P
Oh, good to know! "There can be only one!" Just thought I'd ask, as I go by simply "Shockwave" on most boards where there isn't a Shockwave yet.

Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
And we know MJ is against BM/WW.


At least they listen to their fans and share information with their fans. TCrew doesn't say anything, if they do it is a tease to keep people watching the show.
How is that even relevant, considering Jelenic never was involved with JLU EVER? Brave and the Bold does not take place in the same continuity as JLU or prior DCAU shows - DCAU ended with JLU (sadly...)

Or it's simply your compulsion that you have to say something bad about Jelenic in every second post of yours? I noticed...

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