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Because BM/CW and BM/Talia were there long before BM/WW made it into Timm's cartoons that made it famous (especially since nowdays more people watching Timm's cartoons rather than reading comics, DC did reboots one proof of the comic industry dying beaten by manga and japan comic stuff in sales drastically). Timm also already did BM/Talia and BM/CW, BM/Andrea, BM/Zattana, etc.
I also liked the BM/CW ship but Timm and Co. made me a BM/WW fan and the fact that the late Mcduffie said it himself about BM/WW's future in Timm's DCAU and "proper" reasoning (similair to what Grant Morrison said in the video)with it (not like MJ's thing)I am fully onboard the BM/WW ship . Though DC already did BM/WW in the 80s too and the old comic did well with the fans and sales wise.

Matt Wagner's Trinity (reprinted with hard covers ranked 25 "Greatest Batman Graphic Novels" by IGN), JLA: The obsidian Age by Joe Kelly(reprinted with special edition thing with Kelly's interviews and sketches),Superman/Batman Generations by John Byrne,

Gods Of Gotham"by Phil Jimenez and George PĂ©rez, Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka (Comics Worth Reading considered it to be "one of the best Wonder Woman story"),etc
these five and other series with BM/WW did well with many fans liking it. The blackest night thing mainly because the story was not "properly" done. It's like "out of the blue" in a way like MJ's T/C (though MJ's T/C was done even worse IMO)if you didn't pay any attention to BM/WW's previous interactions scattered around in different comics. On another thing, BM/CW fans not "happy" with what DC did to the BM/CW ship not so long ago, they were "pissed off" by it. How well they did the story will also help determine how the performance of the book will be no matter what ships in it and In the end how famous it is all depends on how you see it, in comics world, in TV world, etc. Since these kind of things will keep on changing. But the fact remains many "high profile" writers like the BM/WW ship and it's been around for many years too(Another proof of many BM/WW fans, without them DC will not continue doing BM/WW from time to time in the comics and they will not allow it in Timm's DCAU JL, since partly again TV audience numbers also much greater than the ones reading comics). In the comics all BM ships are practically going "nowhere" they will keep on having stories with it, with Timm and co. that's a different story, they the ones really "locking" the finale of all BM ships, the Amazon Princess as Mcduffie put it. And Timm said many fans asked for BM/WW too as he said it himself "Fans went nuts with BM/WW" since it's inline with his plans, he added even more BM/WW in the cartoon. Also the group of fans reading the comics and watching the cartoons were mostly different groups entirely. The ones watching the cartoon mostly did not know what's happening in the comics. Chique, You said you always wanted to keep it on topic.(EVIL grin) Now you are doing more off topic thing with your post on 06-22-2012, 10:30 PM .(EVIL grin)

Jelenic and crew will be forever be remembered as the man and crew that tainted the TCATS brand.

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