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Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
Lets see, JL came out before BM brave and bold and WW 09. I think there is a common theme in MJ's shows of BM brave and bold and WW, Steve Trevor and WW. JL had a established ship of BM/WW (popular), but he has to do it his own way. Just like TCats.
Are you for real? I begin to suspect you are just some very advanced spambot... Steve Trevor has been the love interest of Wonder Woman since HER EXISTENCE. In comic, in the Wonder Woman TV series, everywhere. Even I know that, and I have hardly read maybe 3 WW comics.

And, oh wait, by your logic, if a shipping is popular, DC should now retcon 60 years of comic books (well, they kinda did anyway...) and ship WW with Batman? (Btw, NO-ONE abbreviates Batman as BM. No-One. Cause he's the friggin BATMAN.)

It's like, because Blackarachnia was Silverbolt's love interest in BW and BM, she can only love him in all future series... 'except, no-one, not even the biggest BW fans minded that she was now Elita-One and the ex-love of Optimus Prime in Animated...

You notice cause you like to go around and tell on people, how many people did you get banned? I think 3 right. I bet you wouldn't act like that in person.
LOLWHUT? You are a riot! I am not a mod, buddy. I cannot get anyone banned. If your alt-IDs (as I suspect they were) got banned, it's because they acted like immature trolls. And trust me, I'd treat you the same way in real life - taking your silly hatred-filled arguments apart with logic and reason.

Originally Posted by cmangund View Post
MJ likes to "kill" "famous" ships, in TCATS Tygra also not some random guy
MJ put in, T/C also had the blasted comics thing, but it's not "famous", while L/C is "famous".
Lion-O / Cheetara is such a 'famous' ship, that in the cartoon, they never even kissed each other, or professed their love for each other, or anything. Has to be a reason even the Wildstorm comic married Cheetara with Tygra and not Lion-O...

But why talk about this stupid argument endlessly. I am more interested in seeing more thundercats in the show. Like, Lynxana the Huntress... does anyone even remember her? Her motivations (not getting to lead her clan due to being female) and resentment of her brother do remind me of Tygra's feelings towards Lion-O.

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