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Both of these two are must-owns for me!

How I hope that Bandai releases all ten Thundercats! I'll be happy if I can have a collection of all ten, plus Snarf, and the two versions of Mumm-Ra. Maybe a Hachiman, too, though, after the Thundercats themselves are made.

Originally Posted by GK Punk View Post
I'm also considering that as well. I've never ordered from Entertainment Earth before, and I've never pre-ordered from BBTS so I'm not sure which is the best to go with. Any recommendations?
I'll be happy to recommend BBTS! In all the years I've purchased from them, they've never once cheated me, and have always had excellent customer service. Their pricing may be occasionally high, but, I find their customer service to be worth the trade-off. The P-O-L storage bin feature is great too, as it saves on shipping.

Originally Posted by Joe Moore View Post
I've had pleasant experiences with both. Best bet is to compare prices between the two to see which is the best for your wallet.
I've never purchased from Eneteratinment Earth, but, if you recommend them, I'll read through their listings. I'd be happy to add another store to my safe shopping list!
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