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Originally Posted by DarkKnight View Post
dude, be honest with yourself. the only reason cheetara surrendered is because tygra's her boyfriend. and lion-o is jealous but he's not going to back down because, tyra would've donethe same for him. he would've stood up like a true warrior. they have to be willing to die, anything less and their already dead.
Being willing to die in a fight and being callously left to be killed are two different things.

Lion-O has gone from someone who would willingly jump in front of a blast to save someone on his team to someone who is willing to let them die. He's gone from one extreme to the other. He needs to find a balance.

They were outclassed either way. If Cheetara had let Tygra die they still would've lost if Panthro hadn't shown up. They were barely keeping things together one on one. But with Tygra dead there would've been no one to occupy Kaynar and he woudl've been free to help Addicus and Slithe.

It was a loose/loose situation and in such cases I prefer that Cheetara stuck to her morals and wouldn't just let Tygra get killed.

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